Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 42.. Secret Adventure Trip

A secret adventure was on the agenda for the kids today. I usually try a few times a year to make the kids guess where we are going, who we are meeting etc. I think it is a fun game. They use the clues given. The way we are dressed, what did we pack, what roads we are travelling etc.

Today was especially fun because honestly they are getting better at the game. They are asking way more questions, know the roads and generally really pay attention to what is happening around them.

It took them most of the road trip to figure out that we were meeting our friends The Moody's today. Once they figured it out they were excited.

The destination on a 90 degree day in Atlanta..... The new Aquatic Center in Cumming. I can describe it in one word..Fabulous!! Out of all the water parks we have been to probably our favorite. Love that there is NOT an out of county rate, love that you can bring in food and drink, and honestly love that they offer 2 different time options. Personally, I think it cuts down on the crowd, offers the later crowd a chance for seats etc, and by closing for half an hour gives everyone a well deserved break. We will definitely be going back. To the Moody family thanks for the invite. Not sure we would have ventured here this year. Family Fun at it's best!!

Where is mom taking us??
This looks like it is going to be GREAT!
So excited to have a playdate with friends!
Love this picture of the girls. They look like Superheroe's ready to save the day.. FUN!!

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