Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 53... Apple Fun

The Greeneteam ready to dive into the messiest, most sugar laden, calorie loaded, tastiest dessert ever!!

Tonight we decided to play a new game the girls got over the summer, and to try a new recipe for dessert.

The game: Apples to Apples. The Dessert: Apple Nachos.

To say we had fun and laughed our heads off is putting it mildly. I am not sure we have ever laughed so hard as a family. Apples to Apples is a great game and I am sure it is going to be a family favorite for a very long time. LOVE IT!!

The Apple Nachos on the other hand while completely delicious were WRONG on so many levels. Calories, sugar content, messiness, you name it, they were to the extreme. I knew as we were putting them together how much trouble we were going to be in.. The pictures below tell the story. Would we do it again?? Not sure?? Will the kids ever forget it? I don't think so. FUN!!

Ready to play Apples to Apples!! Mama won both games tonight... Winner!! Winner!~!
Perfectly Healthy Apples transformed into a messy,tasty, gooey, fabulous concoction that was of course totally unhealthy!!
After a few apples Jack turned into Dr. Doofenshmiertz from Phineas And Ferb.
Makenna so excited about the apples and deliciousness she was about to eat!!
Giving me the thumbs up on the tastiness!
The end result. A Slap happy, giggly, goofy, sugar high child. OH MY!!

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  1. Apple to Apples is a favorite around here, too. Looks yummy!