Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 37... Fun Jar Activity-Spray Park and Ice cream

Today was filled with fun. I made a fun jar last night filled with easy activities that I do not have to plan. The kids are going to take turns picking from the jar and that will be the activity of the day. Carson chose the number one ticket so was the first to get to pick. The activity Laurel Spray Park in Gainesville. The kids have grown up going here and have done it every summer since they were babies. Sadly this will be the last year. Makenna will be over the age limit and honestly they are just getting too big for it. It was nice to cool off but after an hour they were ready to go. We had a quick picnic and then headed to our favorite Ice Cream Store Corner Drugs. They have Ice cream for just 50cents a cup/cone. What a deal! It was a fun day for under $20 including entertainment, Picnic food, and Ice cream for five people.

And the fun activity is????
Maddie and Jack having fun at Laurel Spray Park in Gainesville.
A quick picnic!
Corner Drugs Ice Cream.. A summer Tradition!

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