Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 39... Jar of Sunshine

Tonight we made a food art project that I found on Pinterest. For the record just let me say how happy that place makes me. LOVE IT!! Moving on, I found this cute rainbow cake on there. It seemed like a happy thing to make today after a hectic morning of Carson being in the Emergency Room, and the rainy, cloudy day here in Atlanta. It was lots of fun and the kids loved the way it tasted.

Being the Home school family that we are we decided to test it making it two ways. One in the oven the traditional way, and the other microwaving it for 2 minutes. VERY interesting the results. Not what I expected at all. ???? HMMM???

We give two thumbs up for microwaving as opposed to baking. The colors were more vibrant, It took less time to cook, and the microwave cake was done.. the oven baked cake was runny on the bottom. Both of them fell a good bit after sitting and cooling. Neither looked nearly as vibrant, or nice as the directional post did.

Would we make it again?? Absolutely. A very fun quick way to make a cake/dessert!! I think the creative possiblities are endless. :) We used whip cream instead of icing like the recipe suggests. I also layered the whip cream in between the cake.

The team and daddy. The batter has been dyed. Moving on to the next step.

>Out of the oven..HMMMM???? Not exactly like the pics on the directions??

Our finished product layered in a glass with cake, whip cream, cake, whip cream and Jimmie sprinkles!
CHEERS!! The team loved it! Only thing missing here is a sick boy named Carson!

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