Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 52.... Ocean Mobile

Today we made an Ocean Mobile.. This is a continuation of our read aloud earlier this week. When the kids really love something I try to do a craft or two around it so that it reinforces the story. Yesterday we made sharks and they were all asking about the Dolphin project.. Here it is.. An ocean mobile. I printed pictures off of the internet and we tweaked them. The starfish we used sandpaper, the sea turtle we did in mosaics, and the dolphin we used glitter glue on. I think we will add fish and whales at some point. This was a fun project and very inexpensive. Everything we used we already had at home.

Maddie showing off the two dolphins she made Sun Dancer and Cookie from the book Dolphin Song.
Love how much concentration Jack is showing.
Kenna part way through doing mosaics on the sea turtles.
Glad our friend Olivia was able to join us for the evening. I think we will add a few more friends to complete the project.. a whale, or possibly a few fish??

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