Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 56..... Motorcycle Rides

Today we had a guest sponsor for our 56th day of fun. Uncle Dwayne came to give the team their 1st Motorcycle Rides. He had promised Carson and Jack that for their 10th Birthday he would come. Words can't explain how much it meant to the kids. I think Carson would have spent every dime he received for gifts to go on that BMW Bike!! Thanks Uncle Dwayne you made Carson's 10th Birthday dream come true and made the rest of the team extremely happy. They all loved it including Makenna who had said NO WAY was she riding. You are the best!!

The team with Uncle Dwayne.
Carson thrilled that not only was he trying on a helmet but was getting ready to ride!
Somehow I think this is the first of many!!
Jack ready for a ride!!
Kenna who had no interest really liked it a lot!!
Jack and Carson at the end of their 10th Birthday. It has been a good day!!
Do you think Maddie enjoyed her ride??
Carson thrilled with his first ride!!
Watching Uncle Dwayne leave!! Thanks for the Great memory they will never forget it!!

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