Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 69.... Night Time Slip N Slide!!

Tonight's adventure came out of desperation for lack of a FUN ACTIVITY earlier in the day. I realized at about 8pm that we had not completed the fun. UGG! Panic set in. I checked my craft ideas, food ideas, places to go etc. I was NOT in the mood to do any of them. Finally at 8:30 I remembered that I had picked up a Slip N Slide on Clearance at Kroger. Maybe we could use that? At the last minute I grabbed some glow sticks from my stash of items and thought maybe it would be easier to see the kids running if they were wearing one. Love glow sticks but hate them. It seems like one out of every two works UGG!!

The kids LOVED this activity. They loved the glow sticks and, as seen in the pictures of the boys, they used them as though they were ninja's fighting in the night!! Using a Slip N Slide is fun, but somehow using it at night ended up being a little more daring and a lot more exciting!


  1. Nan - what a blast! Would do that here, but...slip 'n slide, gravel, yeah, not a great combo. :-)

    Love your chronology of fun with the kids. Admire your ability to find something fun to do EVERYDAY even more. Looking forward to more fun with your team.

  2. Thanks Liz for reading and commenting on the blog. The last 70 days have been a fun adventure. 295 more or so to go. Will be interesting to see what new things we come up with. It is something to look forward to everyday which is a good thing for me mentally!! :)

  3. I hear ya, Nan! The mundane can be very, well....mundane. :)