Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 86.. RV Dreaming

We took our first camping trip with the kids in May. They fell in love with all the RV'S that were in the park. They kept saying wouldn't it be great to have one, wonder what they look like inside?? Etc Etc.

Tonight for fun we took them window shopping for an RV at Camper City in Buford. They LOVED it and were so excited to get to see the insides of the different makes and models. We found a favorite, a Sandpiper, with 4 bunk beds and a master bedroom. By the end they were contemplating selling everything we own, buying an RV and travelling the country. So fun to listen to them get excited.

Brainstorming, pipe dreaming, call it what you will it is exciting to think about a different life other than the one you have. Thank you Ben at Camper City for letting them run around and see all the different makes/models. To say they had fun is putting it mildly. I am sure we will be back.

We ended the night with a SMORES dessert to go along with our camping theme of the evening!! FUN!!


  1. How fun!! Carsen's looking pretty comfy in the old Lazy Boy. Surprised you got any of them out of there. :-)

  2. I know :) They thought it was so fun. What is it about men and a comfy chair?? Did you see the follow up of Maddie sleeping on the table last night? Her bunk?? Hysterical!!