Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 77.... Making Mom's Birthday Cake!!

The completed cake with birthday candle.
Slice of the cake. Scale of 1-10 we would all give it a 10. Both for easiness and for taste. Love that it can be changed by the topping you put on it. If we were to tweak it in any way it would probably be to put some of the topping in the middle too. For $5 this semi home made ice cream cake was excellent!! It truly is a go to recipe!! Fabulous!!

Making a Birthday cake for me was on the agenda for the kids and daddy tonight. The kids did not want me to see it and they wanted to try to do it themselves. I am not a big dessert person so told John to try an ice cream cake. This recipe looked amazingly simple. Whether or not it will be delicious remains to be seen.

This is another semi-homemade idea using Mayfield Ice cream sandwiches as the base. You make your own whip cream and then layer the sandwiches, and whip cream in a loaf pan. At the end top with chocolate chips cut up. I think that John and the kids chose snickers to top the cake with instead. Freeze the cake at least a few hours before use.

The only problem with tonight's fun is that we are saving the cake for tomorrow my actual Birthday!! Sorry Greeneteam some things have to wait!!

I will be sure to update this post with a picture and a taste rating on the cake!

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