Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 83... World of Coca Cola

A big THANK YOU to World of Coca Cola for sponsoring day 83 of fun!! The Greeneteam was so excited to get to visit. They all loved it and so did John and I.

We started off with a guide who told some of the History of the different Coke Memorabilia. It was really neat to see signs from all over the world. We left this room and headed into see a short movie about the Happiness Factory. I especially loved the dancing penguins, cute.

Next we headed to see the 7ft Polar Bear. The kids loved him and the photographers were kind enough to take a photo on my camera of all 6 of us!! We then toured the Bottle Works bottling area. The kids really liked watching Fizzy Bot the robot!!

One of my favorite places was Milestones of Refreshment. This is a gallery that takes you through the History of Coca-Cola. I could have spent a lot longer in here looking at everything in detail. I think John and I will have to go without the kids sometime so that we can take our time reading everything.

We headed upstairs to the Pop Culture Gallery where Maddie was thrilled to find the couch from 2005's American Idol. We then headed to The Secret Formula 4D movie theater. This movie was so well done. We all absolutely loved it!! FUN!!

Last we headed to the Taste It Room. The boys were dying to get in and taste soda's from around the world. The girls loved this room too as there was plenty of lemonade and fruit punch. They all thought the Freestyle Coke Machine was the coolest thing ever. I wouldn't be surprised to see it as a WISH on the Christmas list!!

On our way towards the gift store they gave us each an 8 oz bottle of Coke to take home. The kids loved getting a free souvenir. The gift store was loaded with such great coca-cola items. T-shirts, hats, banks, cookbooks, bags, coolers you name it they pretty much had it.

It took us about 2.5 hours to go through The World of Coca-Cola. I would highly recommend it for family fun. It was neat to see people from all over the world touring such a universal company!!

World of Coca Cola is located at 121 Baker Street in Atlanta, Georgia. They are open 7 days a week closed only for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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