Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 84... National Science Discovery Van

Today the kids were lucky enough to get to go on a Field Trip to see the National Science Discovery Van that is ran by the Army. I am not sure who had more fun the kids or daddy!!

National Science Discovery Van!
Jack was chosen to show how a person can become a Tesla Coil.
Carson touching a plasma ball filled with noble gasses.


  1. This looks did you find out about it?

  2. One of the Home School loops I am on sent it out. It was near the Mall of GA. Apparently the person that planned it has been on the waiting list for 6 years. They did it by grade level with 4th being the youngest. Maddie got to have a play date instead with a friend..:) Very neat thing to get to go see/do. They have been talking about it all day. :)