Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 62... Atlanta Falcons Training Camp

"Are you ready for some Football?" Today's fun courtesy of Daddy was to attend a training camp session for The Atlanta Falcons. The kids thought it was really neat so see the players so close. They seemed a lot bigger at training camp then they do on t.v or even at the stadium during the game. Probably the best part of the day was riding in the shuttle back from training camp. Check out the pic below of them in the shuttle limo. Riding in Style!!

The Falcons practice daily through August 21st. Check out their schedule online for specific dates and times!! Admission is free. No coolers allowed check for other restrictions.

The team at the Flowery Branch Training center.
Stretching out and doing warm ups!

The kids loved this cool shuttle that they took back from the training practice!!


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