Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 81... Tennis Anyone???

Tonight the Greeneteam had their first Tennis lesson from Dad. We have wanted to teach the kids for a long time but it just never happens. Tonight it did! Yeah!! By the end they were all doing better and were starting to get the hang of it. I enjoyed watching John teach them something completely new. The kids all had fun, showed improvement, and were interested in playing.

I think from here on out we will make it a one on one lesson. They will feel like they are being focused on and it will be easier on John. Would love to someday see the 4 of them playing on the court together.

We picked up used tennis rackets at the Thrift store a year or so ago for a few dollars each. Try there first before shopping for new ones. I figure if they get good, and really enjoy it we can always upgrade later.


  1. What a great idea! Maddie is so cute on camera and your pictures today are AWESOME. What a great thrift store find, too!

  2. Thanks Lesli. :) I will be looking for 2 more tennis rackets I think. Would be fun for them all to be able to practice hitting the ball. LOVE taking pics and the thrift store is a FAVORITE!!