Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 61.. Garage Saling

Today we had fun garage saling with all the kids. We got some great back to school bargains for Maddie and Makenna. The most fun was had by Jack though buying snacks and lemonade from Middle School Cheerleaders!! Good to be ten with a wallet full of birthday cash!!

Jack arriving at the 1st sale. Two groups of cheerleaders were yelling at him to please, please, please come buy lemonade and snacks from them. Good to be 10 and have some Birthday cash to spend!!
The lemonade girls thrilled that he chose them!! Jack reassuring the other group that he would stop by their snack booth next!!
Mingling with the snack cheerleaders.. Tough day for Jack garage saling..LOL!!
They told Jack he was their best customer of the day!!
The Girls looking for a few bargains!!
Fun with the ladies is over..moving on to deals and steals!!

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