Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 58... Scorching Six Flags Fun!!

Today the real feel temperature in "HOTLANTA" was at one point 100 degrees. I think they said today was the hottest day of the year so far. We were crazy, and spent it at SIX FLAGS!! I swear every year that we are not going to go on the hottest day, and inevitably that is the day we end up going. UGG!!

Believe it or not, we still had fun. The girls and I all wore thin cool dresses,everyone had tons of sunscreen, and the biggest lifesaver, we bought their $15 refillable free drink cup. Best money I have ever spent. Not sure we would have made it until lunchtime without the cold water, lemonade, and soda. I think we refilled the cup 25 times!!

Our goals today were for the boys to ride The Goliath, Maddie to get to ride her first real roller coaster, and for Makenna to get to have a little fun at Skull Island. Goals accomplished. Six Flags can be checked off the family fun list for the summer!! See you again in 2012!!

All of us at the start of the day. The workers were really nice and offered several times to take our picture.
The boys getting ready to ride the long awaited Goliath.
My non roller coaster rider..
The gang getting ready to ride The Mindbender.
Maddie and her partner Daddy after riding the coaster. FUN!!
The girls and I after a long, fun, hot day at Six Flags.

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