Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 202... Trip Clips .. travelling Christmas Day

We were on the road for 1000 miles today!! Believe it or not we had a great time!!

I wanted to do something special. I found this Trip Clip idea on Pinterest. I then combined it with the idea of Christmas presents, and another idea of doing something special each time you drove into a new state.

My idea was to make the Trip clip and wrap stocking stuffer items to open when they entered each state. The catch?? You had to be good and not get your clip moved to receive the prize. It worked like a CHARM. I did not have to speak to anyone regarding behavior all day. A miracle alone, much less in the car for 1000 miles/17 hours!!

I have never had such an easy trip traveling with the Greeneteam. Was it the Trip Clips?? Not sure but I will be using them again!! A fun and memorable December 25, 2011!!

The kids loved having something to look forward to when entering a new state. For the most part the items I gave them kept them occupied in between states. This I am sure is what kept them from arguing, complaining etc which is the norm in our car. I used dollar store items. Coloring books, Ring Pops, Word Search Puzzles, Candy Canes, and Peanuts/Bubble gum. They loved it and were such amazing troopers all day long. A Christmas Day we will not forget!!

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