Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 198... Macaroni Photo Ornament

My friend Aimee over at blogged earlier this month about a childhood macaroni photo ornament from the 70's that she had made and her mom had saved. I knew we had to try it for our tree this year. They turned out really cute although I wish I had splurged and bought silver paint instead of using the black I already had. The black is just too dark with the photos. The other thing I wish I had done was print up photos at Walgreens instead of using my printer to print them out on card stock. Lessons learned for next year!!

This was the most fun!! They all love using spray paint!!

We were on a time crunch so we used a hot glue gun to glue the macaroni. We then spray painted them and blew them dry with a hairdryer. We completed the project in about 90 minutes from start to finish.

The girls added some glitz to their ornaments. Beads, buttons, ribbons and stars.

The boys kept theirs plain. Love how the red turned out just wish I had used a better quality photo other than card stock. Thanks Aimee for such a fun project. These will be wrapped and saved. Maybe the next generation will be making them for their trees. Love family traditions.


  1. Hi Nan, Kat and I were just admiring the ornaments. What a cute idea! Tell the GreeneTeam we said "hi" and have a safe trip to Colorado if we don't talk to you before you leave.

  2. Alana, I love the red!! That was a perfect color for the Christmas season. And the hot glue was a good idea to speed it up. So glad your family enjoyed making these.

  3. Thanks Liz. Last ornament of the season. So sad. I really can't believe that Christmas is here. @Aimee I do like the red just not the black. Next year we will do better. Thanks again for sharing your ideas. I love reading about them.