Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 197... New P.J'S for Christmas and a Holiday Movie Marathon Gift!!

Tonight for fun we opened the last Of Aunt Lisa gifts. She follows the blog, and knows that I am a big fan of experiences. She sent a gift card and presents for a Holiday Movie Marathon. The kids loved it.

I bought them new P.J.'S with the gift card. This is something my sister has always done since the kids were babies. Now that they are older it is much harder to shop for them so she leaves it to me. I tried sis hope you are pleased. Not quite the footie P.J.'S monogrammed from years ago. LOL!!

If the GRINCH jammies I saw would have been comfortable I would have splurged for me. SADLY they were not comfy! Must have been the GRINCH!!

We watched the first movie of the 6 or 7 you sent. We also popped popcorn, ate some of the candy and relaxed as a family for the first time maybe all day. Thanks for this wonderful gift. The kids loved it. The movie was called Christmas in Wonderland. It was from 2007 with Patrick Swayze. A few choice words here and there but would approve for 7 and up. Kenna managed to stay for the whole thing. Woo Hoo!! FUN!!
Merry Christmas 2011!!

The Greeneteam with their new P.J'S from Aunt Lisa. Thanks!!

Kenna showing her amazing gratitude for SKITTLES!! Seriously?? It is not like I deprive them of sugar!!

Ready for a great night!!

Aunt Lisa knows how much I love SUGAR.. LOL..THANKS!!

Looking cool as I watch the movie. Any more M&M'S???

This is one of the reasons that I love Christmas movies. Do you see the look of BELIEF and Wonderment on his face?? A miracle has happened and he just wants to believe that it is true!

This is truly the meaning of Christmas.!! JOHN 3:16 , The true Miracle that we all just need to believe in. Merry CHRISTMAS!!

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