Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 191... Mint Candy Wreaths.

This craft is off of Pinterest but came from Martha Stewart.

This craft looked so easy that I did not read the directions. How hard could it be right?? WRONG!! We tried hot gluing the mints together but they would not stick. We decided that we needed a backing so we glued them to the paper. Better, but then we really wanted a hole in our wreath. Impossible to do once all glued together. UGG!! Something that looked so easy was not!

Carson hot gluing his mints. This time we cut the hole in the paper before gluing.

Jack fed up with it all. How come this is so hard and I keep burning my fingers??

Kenna assisting Maddie with her wreath. This was the last one. We were bound to get it right. Wrong again. We ended up using 6 mints instead of the 5 mints.

Maddie with her finished wreath which we doubled because you could see the paper on the back. Much better than our first attempt but a very heavy craft for the tree. It does look cute but not exactly lots of fun to make.

Proof that Martha Stewart is Martha for a reason. I went and read the directions and apparently the wreath was put together with icing. It was then allowed to dry for two hours and was basically an edible treat for the children.I would have never attempted this with icing. It truthfully would have never crossed my mind. That is why I am not Martha Stewart!!

The funny thing is I always tell my kids with school that THEY NEED TO READ THE DIRECTIONS FIRST. I need to start practicing what I preach!!

This might have been fun if the kids could have licked their icing fingers and then been able to eat their delicious craft. OUR WREATH NEEDS TO COME WITH A TOXIC WARNING. Sorry Martha for screwing this one up. Next time I will read the directions!

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