Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Greeneteam off to Kroger with their shopping list. Each was responsible for finding and buying the ingredients for their dish.

Ten minutes of shopping and the boys return with NOTHING in the basket.. "We couldn't find anything mom. It's not where you said." Gotta love them!!

My girls!! They found all of their groceries and had them separated by appetizer in each bucket. So proud of them.

Maddie making her french bread pizza appetizer!!

Makenna making her fruit and cheese kabobs!!

VOILA.. the finished product.. Ready for dinner!!

This was a fun project for the kids. They loved being able to shop in KROGER without mom. I sat in the front where the summer furniture is. I gave them 15 minutes and told them to do the best they could finding all their groceries.

They also loved being able to take credit for a dish. They shopped for the food, made it and then got to brag a little about what a great choice it was.

This is the first time we have ever done an appetizer dinner. I think it is a fun way to introduce new foods to them. We will definitely try it again with a whole new menu to choose from!

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