Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 14... Trip to the Pet Store

Tonight we went to the pet store to give our fish Fishy a Face lift so to speak. His tank was looking very dingy. I told the kids that possibly we would look for a new fish if we found one we loved. Miraculously the perfect Beta fish was there waiting for us to adopt. The kids were very excited!! The only thing left was to find the perfect name!

Seriously you have to love this happy little face!!
We prefer to go to PetSmart on Saturdays when they have the animals outside for adoption. But looking at the birds, fish, and hamsters is fun too!!
This was Fishy's Current home. Definitely in need of sprucing up.
FROM DRAB TO FAB!! For just $3 his house now looks great!!


  1. Lol.. I told her Jamie.. Big designing going on here for the fish..:)