Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 1 Monopoly and Malts

Getting ready for a family tournament of "Horse-opoly"..

First one to go bankrupt..not happy, but by the end was cheering for her opponents.

Jackson quite confident in his position on the board!!

Down to the final two.. who will it be??

Daddy was the victor but in the end every one was a winner with a homemade chocolate Malt.. One of Daddy's specialties.


  1. Winner, winner chicken dinner, er I mean chocolate malt! Glad to see I was featured in the first day's activities ;o)

  2. Horse-opoly was fun. Love how they tweak the MONOPOLY game.. Instead of Jail it was the stable. When you did something good you got sent to the pasture. There was even some trivia.. FUN other than all of us going bankrupt at some point..John showed no MERCY!!