Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 10... Arcade Time!!

Off to Dave and Busters for GUY time!!

Ready for some fun at Dave and Busters!!

John thought this Power Hour card was a great deal. $10 each and they played for an hour!!

The boys loved this Harley Motorcycles in LA game!!

Tonight John took the boys for a little GUY time!! He headed to Dave and Busters at Discover Mills. We had a $25 gift card (thanks Aunt Dee Dee). We saw online that they offered a Power Hour special after 9:00pm. $10 each and they got to play for an hour. John thought this was a GREAT deal. The boys, and I mean all three had a blast and came home saying that they needed a guys night once a month at least!! FUN!!


  1. Perfect time to use that card! I think a guys night out once a month deserves a girls night out once a month!

  2. So true.. the girls would be a bit cheaper as they would probably love the library and a spa night at home!! LOL!! Thanks again for the card it was a perfect night to use it!!